Why is this blog in Spanish when I am Catalan?

Sorry if you were hoping for a political justification. I happen to favor the independence of Catalonia, but I also love the Spanish language, I never get to practice it (I live in Seattle), and I view this blog as a way to communicate with friends that are scattered over many countries. Sadly, Catalan won't do for now. Should I write the rest of them in English?
By the way, I have done my share to promote the use of Catalan in the world:
- I have two children that speak fluent Catalan (and not Spanish yet) and live in Seattle -- my biggest contribution so far.
- I have written two books in Catalan: La Ciència del Futbol (Empúries, 2004) and Atrapats a Internet (Empúries, 1997).
- From 1995-2000, I manually entered a compilation of Catalan Poetry that comprises 799 original poems (from the medieval times until the present era) and that is still highly visited and used by schools and educators. Still at the top of Google search under "Catalan Poetry selection".
UPDATE (May 30th, 2014): Today I tried Google Translate (Spanish --> Catalan), and it's remarkably accurate! So I'll start doing bilingual postings, by popular demand!!

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